You can either pick it up from us or we will send it to you by post (a postage fee applies). Alternatively, you will receive an email confirming that your report is available for download.


1. Download the medical report (BefundPost)
BefundPost is used for the electronic transmission of test results. The system is subject to the strictest security requirements and is protected from unauthorized access by third parties through password-protected login and encryption. We offer you quick electronic access to your test results via your computer, tablet or smartphone immediately after approval by one of our specialists.

2. Pick up your medical report
If you wish, your test results can be picked up from the IHR LABOR 1010 reception desk at your convenience. We kindly ask to bring a photo ID with you when collecting your results. When collecting samples and test results from examinations ordered by the authorities or a company (CDT, HIV, TPHA, hepatitis B and C) and urine drug screening, personal identification such as a valid government photo ID is mandatory. Relatives can collect  the test results bypresenting a written letter through the power of attorney from you and an ID card from your relative.

3. Get your medical report sent by post
Upon request (a postage fee applies)  we will gladly send your test results by post. Please provide your postal address at our reception desk when you come in for a blood test. Of course, your referring physician will also receive the results in the manner requested by them. If you would like your test results to be forwarded to other doctors or hospital outpatient departments, it is of course possible with a declaration of consent from you.


It’s this easy:

When you visit IHR LABOR 1010, please register for the digital test result download via BefundPost at the reception desk. All you have to do is to provide your email address and sign a declaration of consent.

Retrieval of test results
After logging in and confirming the General Terms and Conditions of BefundPost you will be able to download and save your test results as a PDF. In the future, you can also choose to use this service to view all other test results from IHR LABOR 1010. After the download, you can also choose to permanently delete your test results if you wish.

Pick-up notification
As soon as your test results are ready, you will receive an email that your test results are available for download at ihrlabor.befundpost.at. If you do not receive an email notification within a few days, please check your spam/junk mail folder.

Note down your login details
Please note down your username and your chosen password. Our tip: When you register to BefundPost at the reception desk that makes it easier for you to log in and retrieve your test results via BefundPost.

Logging in
To log in for the first time, use the username which was sent to you by email and your social security number as the password. You will then be asked to change this password (i.e. the social security number) to your own personal password and to log in again using your personal password. Subsequent logins then take place using your assigned username and your personally chosen password.

If you have any questions regarding BefundPost, the BefundPost team is available at support@befundpost.at


1.    What happens if I have problems logging in, downloading the results, or if I have forgotten my assigned username?
No problem, you can always get technical help directly from our partner site operator, BefundPost at befundpost.at

2.    Which browsers can I use to retrieve my test results?
BefundPost supports all current versions of the most popular browsers on Windows, MacOS and Linux. Mozilla Firefox from v3.0; Safari from v4.0; Internet Explorer v7 or higher; Chrome from v5.0; Opera from v11.0

3.    How long will my report be available?
You can retrieve your reports for an unlimited period of time as long as you have not actively deleted your reports after the download.

4.    If my test results are missing, where can I find them?
If you notice some test results are missing, please contact IHR LABOR 1010 directly for clarification.

5.    Who has access to my data?
Your data is your personal data. Nobody else has access to it. Your data will not be evaluated nor passed on to third parties.

6.     Why can’t I receive my report by email?
For reasons concerning data protections laws stipulated by Austrian legislature, personal test results may not be sent by email.

Third-party test results created by partner laboratories can only be sent by post or picked up in person.


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Legal notice and data protection

IHR LABOR is an association of renowned centers for laboratory diagnostics and microbiology under the direction of competent specialists for medical and chemical laboratory diagnostics which operates at several locations in Vienna. In addition to providing the highest quality in both analysis and services, each IHR LABOR location is committed to providing personal advice and care for patients and it’s referring doctors. With an average of more than 4,000 patient samples per day, IHR LABOR is one of the leading diagnostic laboratory groups in Austria.